Qazvin Alborz Hotel

Alborz Hotel was founded in 1355 in the historical city of Qazvin. Alborz International Hotel, managed by Mr. Hassan Budaghi, who is a successful hotel manager of the country and graduated in this field, was rebuilt in 1394. The efforts and efforts of the hotel in recent years in the area of ​​standardization of services, rehabilitation and optimization of rooms, suites, lobbies and coffee shops, are special opportunities for employee in-service training with the aim of providing services in accordance with the standards of the hotel's day. The guests are in line with providing customer satisfaction, including the special rates of the Alborz Hotel in comparison to other hotels, all of which combines the experience of yesterday and today's specialty.

The hotel has 38 rooms with a single board, double bed and twin beds, three suites and suites with proper design and amenities. Alborz Hotel is located at the best geographical location of Qazvin city, has access to the spectacular and shopping malls and ... in the shortest time possible.

Contact information

International Hotel Alborz, Three Way Khayyam, Taleghani Street, Qazvin




Geographical location

Distance to important city places:

  • Al-Nabi Mosque: 12 minutes walk (977 m)
  • Cantor Church: 4 minutes walk (340 m)
  • Grand Mosque: 18 minutes walk (1508 m)
  • Qazvin Museum: 5 minutes walk (401 m)
  • Chapu Superior: 4 minutes walking distance (367 m)
  • Chehelstelon mansion: 5 min walk (380 m)
  • Railway station: 17 minutes by car (4789 m)
  • Passenger terminal: 16 minutes by car (6580 m)
  • Old Tehran Gate: 18 minutes walk (1535 m)